Reduce customer service wait times with chatbots

Expand the capabilities of your existing chatbot, or choose our end-to-end solution and let our team build one for you.



For routine inquiries, chatbots are already reducing time-to-resolution from hours to just minutes.



Offer personalized rewards and wealth-building tips through a direct channel to your end-user.

Named OR multiple named entity tagging

Train your chatbot to recognize and act on industry-specific keywords.

Variant collection & validation

Teach your bot to understand the myriad of nuances in how different people might express the same idea or intent.

Audio OR recorded dialogue transcription

Build the foundations for voice capabilities with speech-to-text transcription.

Analyze documents and text

Our NLP data services help turn unfathomable amounts of text into meaningful, structured data for everything from legal document management to social listening.



NLP models are already distilling massive legal documents into simple rules and events to help manage contract renewals and compliance.



Experts believe that the vast majority of currently unstructured data is text.

Named OR multiple named entity tagging

Train models to extract key parties in averse-media searches.

Semantic annotation

Enable models to identify and categorizing text based on subject and intent.

Enhance compliance procedures

Use key text-based workflows to build models that will accelerate client onboarding while lowering risk and cost.



Using clustering and Machine Learning techniques, AI pilots have already managed to automate 1/2 of AML/KYC procedures.


cost reduction

By implementing AI-driven onboarding procedures, banks have been able to reduce onboarding costs by as much as 70%.

Named OR multiple named entity tagging

Train your model to identify research targets and their commonly associated parties.

Sentiment analysis

Understand the sentiment of a sentence or piece of writing.

Success stories

Mastercard’s R&D Labs needed unique, multi-lingual text data that covered 20 designated payment scenarios in English and Spanish, and they needed it fast.

Keeping a nation’s lights on means constantly inspecting electricity poles for damage. EDP partnered with DefinedCrowd to improve Asset Performance Management processes.

A global electronics maker came to DefinedCrowd with the goal of building more inclusive facial recognition models, requiring accurately annotated images with highly specific criteria.

A Fortune 500 Tech company needed comprehensive speech training data in French that accounted for a wide range of dialects, requiring diverse data in terms of age, gender and regional dialects.

A visionary Fortune 500 Tech company leveraged sentiment analysis models to dig beyond surface-level understandings to extract granular-level insights.

Smart companies see the pile of unstructured text floating through the digital realm as a strategic goldmine of consumer insights.