Improve Your Speech Recognition Models

Build or train your speech models in specific languages and domains or expand the scope with our high quality AI training datasets. Our expertise includes virtual or voice assistants, ASR, STT or TTS engines, call center IVR systems or vehicle infotainment assistants.

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Monologue Speech Collection

Collect single speaker scripted, guided or spontaneous speech datasets, in broadband or narrowband.

Dialogue Speech Collection

Collect Agent and Caller or Caller and Bot interactions in guided or spontaneous speech datasets

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Our transcription workflows provide data collection, correction and validations to improve your STT system.

Speech Validation

Speech data is validated with our certified crowd incorporating inter-annotator agreements and gold sets.

Speech Quality Guarantee

Speech recognition systems require the highest quality AI training data to perform properly, otherwise, it  will frustrate rather than delight.   Our speech collection, transcription and validation workflows utilize a variety of ML algorithms and crowd quality checks that allow us to guarantee our quality.

Some of our quality metrics include:

Word Error Rate

Speech dataset guarantee <5% for single speaker and <10% for multiple speakers

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Controls dataset variation in background noise, ambient sounds, and other audio


Ensures the datasets use native speakers for each language

Text-Audio Match

Human in the loop transcription validations check for exact matches

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