AI bias and data scientists’ responsibility to ensure fairness


Curing pain points: the role of AI in healthcare

AI is predicted to transform healthcare. However, putting research breakthroughs aside, what AI technologies are being used…


Collision: Machine Learning, DefinedCrowd

Founder and CEO, Daniela Braga, presenting at Collision on…

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Training data defined – your introduction to training data for AI

We've created this introductory guide to help business executives get to grips with the basics of training data for machine learning, the importance of quality, and why there's so much more to AI than just algorithms…

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A framework for selecting your trusted AI data partner

This step-by-step framework teaches you how to select a training data provider with confidence - what to look for, a method to test their capabilities, and how to evaluate their potential to bring real value to your business…

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Meet DefinedCrowd, your partner for smarter AI

We're DefinedCrowd and we're here to make your AI smarter…


7 AI trends in retail

Changing how we search, discover and shop, digitalization is transforming the retail landscape. Although there’s still a place for brick…

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Expanding facial recognition models

When a global electronics maker came to DefinedCrowd with the goal of building more inclusive facial-recognition…

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Advancing payment technologies

For this project, Mastercard’s R&D Labs needed unique, multi-lingual text data that covered 20 designated payment …

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French speech training in record time

In the arms race for speech-enabled technologies, systems that can support the widest user base will win out…

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Training sentiment analysis models

Visionary companies like Amazon are leveraging sentiment analysis models to dig beyond surface-level understandings…

100 most promising AI startups

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Automating utilities inspection

Keeping a nation’s lights on means constantly inspecting electricity poles for damage. Before EDP partnered with…

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Gaining consumer insights

Smart companies see the pile of unstructured text floating through the digital realm as a strategic goldmine…


DefinedCrowd offers mobile apps to empower its AI-annotating masses


Microsoft Build 2019: How to prevent biased datasets when training AI models

Founder and CEO, Daniela Braga, presenting on biased datasets at Microsoft Build…

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