AI gifting ideas for the Holiday season

With Holiday celebrations and family gatherings on the horizon, many are turning to AI for smart gift buying. Whether it’s seeking out unique, novelty items for tech lovers and enthusiasts, or using personalized…


How AI boosts sales on Black Friday and beyond

From supply chain management, to predictive analytics, AI has proven invaluable in ensuring both traditional retail and ecommerce businesses can cash in on the Black Friday shopping frenzy.…


Our week at Web Summit 2019!

Drawing over 70,000 attendees from around the world, this year’s Web Summit once again brought an exciting energy to Portugal’s capital. For…


Web Summit 2019: A two way street Portugal & the tech world

Success Story

Building a voice assistant model

With the rise of voice technology, this leading global provider of audio equipment wanted to develop an automatic speech recognition (ASR) model …


Good turned evil: When AI goes awry

Although sentient machines aren’t about to conquer the world with minds of their own; this article looks at a few examples where, despite good intentions, AI has gone awry.…


The largest tech conference is here: our movements for Web Summit 2019!

In less than a week, our Founder and CEO, Daniela Braga will be taking center stage for the opening night of Web Summit 2019! Joining entrepreneur, Michelle Zatlyn and TV personality…


DefinedCrowd está a contratar e quer chegar às 200 pessoas até 2020


Time to look up: How voice is reconnecting us to the world and each other

Millennia before the written word, storytelling was a purely oral tradition, with knowledge, customs and beliefs all passed down through the generations by word-of-mouth…


Founder and CEO Daniela Braga wins João Vasconcelos Award – Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

The award is in honor of Startup Lisboa’s first executive director, João Vasconcelos, who was a huge contributor to the…


DefinedCrowd. Daniela Braga vence prémio João Vasconcelos e é a empreendedora do ano


Back to school: How AI is transforming the way we learn

As students return to classrooms and workers get back to the grind after a well-needed break, learning and self-development seem …


How AI can humanize the customer experience

In our increasingly digital age, businesses are on a constant quest to show customers their “human side”. Whether it’s putting faces to the names behind a company or…


7 AI trends in retail

Changing how we search, discover and shop, digitalization is transforming the retail landscape. Although there’s still a place for brick…


DefinedCrowd makes Forbes’ inaugural AI 50 list

Adding to a great year of news including being featured in CB Insights’ AI 100, and most recently WIRED’s 100 hottest startups…

White Papers

Training data defined – your introduction to training data for AI

We've created this introductory guide to help business executives get to grips with the basics of training data for machine learning, the importance of quality, and why there's so much more to AI than just algorithms…