All-in-one platform

Our self-service SaaS platform allows you to source and enrich high-quality, structured training data that enhances models abilities to interpret text, speech and images.

Set up & customize

Set up your project and specify its criteria.

Optimize & budget

Test different options and get transparent cost estimates.

Monitor & download

Track progress and get the dataset you asked for.

Project settings

Upload your raw data or let us source it from scratch. Define project parameters and set collection to your needs by choosing the type of data, language, demographics and quality options.

Cost estimates

Get live cost estimates while you set up your project. Test different settings to understand the best options for your business goals while keeping track of your credits.  

Dashboard & analytics

Use our dashboard to monitor progress in real-time and generate performance reports. Once the job is finished, download your high-quality dataset and start fueling your models.