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Machine Translation

Source and validate human translation data translated by professional linguists and translators.

Speech Recognition

Our speech workflows include collection, transcription, correction and validation.

Natural Language Processing (Text)

For conversational AI, text data collection, annotation, validation and tagging workflows.

Quality of Experience

Opinion-based evaluation workflows to fine tune your speech and text AI models.

Computer Vision

Image and video collection, identification and validation workflows.

How It Works

Our workflows can serve as standalone or end-to-end data services to build any Speech-or-Text-enabled AI architecture from scratch, to improve solutions already developed, or to evaluate models in production, all with the DefinedCrowd Quality Guarantee.

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AI Models

  • Machine Translation Engines;
  • Virtual or Voice Assistants;
  • Chatbots or Conversational Agents;
  • Automatic Speech Recognition;
  • Speech-to-text Engines;
  • Text-to-speech Engines.


Highest quality industry standards based on your SLA.


Flexibility to define your dataset criteria across our suite of workflows.

Pricing Model

Per Data Unit.

Why DefinedWorkflows

DefinedCrowd’s value comes from our quality and customer focus. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality training data possible to ensure customers get what they need to build successful AI products. Our DefinedWorkflows are one of two key components providing a platform to execute and deliver high volumes of collection and annotation work for AI models.

Data Quality

Guaranteed data quality thresholds achieved with our ML algorithms.


Data best practices and expertise alleviates obstacles that cause delays.


Multiple workflow parameters allow you to specify the exact data you need.

Language Coverage

Our workflows can be executed in over 50 languages across 70 countries.

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