What Are You Building?

Utilize the industry expertise of our professional services team, who are on hand to assist you with your specialized or custom AI project needs. We can help you build:

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Virtual or Voice Assistants

ASR or STT Models

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Models

Chatbots or Conversational AI Agents

How It Works

If DefinedWorkflows, DefinedData, or DefinedCrew don’t give you exactly what you need, our professional services team will provide an end-to-end solution to ensure the success of your AI initiatives. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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AI Models

  • Machine Translation Engines;
  • Virtual or Voice Assistants;
  • Chatbots or Conversational Agents;
  • Automatic Speech Recognition;
  • Speech-to-text Engines;
  • Text-to-speech Engines;
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Highest quality industry standards based on a variety of criteria.


Utilizes our industry expertise and
professional services group to deliver
on specialized needs.

Pricing Model

Per hour of professional services.

Where We Can Help

DefinedCrowd’s world-class reputation has been built on excellent customer relations. DefinedSolutions continues in this vein with a team of in-house experts who are able to not only advise, execute, and deliver on building and improving AI solutions, but also define your AI roadmap and accelerate your GTM strategy.

Model Building and Testing

Controlled datasets for benchmarking and testing models before production.

Training Data Requirements

High quality data collection and annotation to accelerate production of your AI models.

Benchmarking 3rd Party Services

Build, evaluate, and tune or improve any AI model or product.

Crowdsourcing Best Practices

Source skilled or unskilled annotators from all over the world.