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Whether you have data or not, our SaaS platform allows you to create a project, set data parameters and monitor progress.

We use human intelligence combined with machine learning algorithms to validate the quality of your data, using several verification processes and quality threshold guarantees.

At the end of this process, you receive enriched and structured data ready to start training your models right away.

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The API provides a programmable interface that directly integrates your data processes with our platform.  

You can create a project based on Workflow Templates with or without previous data, and track performance during execution.  

Upon completion, you’ll be able to quickly retrieve high-quality training data enriched by our platform.

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Neevo by DefinedCrowd

Artificial intelligence needs to be trained with high-quality data. Neevo by DefinedCrowd is an online platform where everyone can contribute to the improvement of AI.  

As a member, you will be able to complete tasks catered to your profile and receive compensation.  

Unlock premium jobs by showing your proficiency and contribute to some of the latest developments in AI.

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