Enhance Your Image and Video Applications

Build high-performing image and video recognition models that understand, detect, track and act on image and video data.  From security to retail applications, our high qualify training data ensures the optimal image system performance.

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Image Collection

Collect images of any category and format from various data sources

Image Bounding Boxes

Identify and label images with basic bounding boxes

Image Classification

Classify images based on single or multi-level categories

Image Validation

Validate the quality of any image based on specified criteria

Computer Vision Quality Guarantee

Computer vision models encounter a multitude of image variations, which is why large quantities of quality training data are required, especially in safety and security applications, where accuracy is crucial. Our computer vision datasets utilize a variety of ML algorithms combined with human-in-the loop validations to guarantee quality.

Image Matching

Image datasets are guaranteed to have >95% data matching

Image Accuracy

Image datasets are guaranteed >90% accuracy based on inter-annotator agreement scores

Success Stories

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