Evaluate and Fine-Tune Your AI models

Our suite of subjective evaluation tests can further tune your AI models with accurate human in the loop workflows.  If you care about the Quality of Experience for your virtual assistants, TTS models, machine translation engines or chatbots, partner with us today.

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MOS Testing

Obtain a Mean Opinion Score for a single speech, text or image stimulus

MUSHRA Testing

Evaluate and score multiple speech, text or image stimuli

ABX Testing

Compares 2 choices of a random sample against 2 reference outputs to identify detectable differences

Pronunciation Validation

A more objective evaluation designed to evaluate text-to-speech

Evaluation Quality Guarantee

Given subjective nature of opinion-based work, the same level of DefinedCrowd quality cannot be guaranteed, however multiple quality metrics are used to ensure evaluations are performed and validated, including the naturalness, trustworthiness, and likeability of your AI model.

Spammer control

IP location-based blocking of contributors

Inter-evaluator checks

Agreement score calculations using Pearson Correlation Coefficient

Standard deviation

Answer variety thresholds based on standard deviation and evaluations per contributor

Real time audits

Answer pattern detection for suspicious behavior

Success Stories

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