Protecting Your Data

At DefinedCrowd, privacy and security are of utmost importance. You can rely on our comprehensive and robust security practices, whether it be internal security, data protection and encryption, or security compliance.

Internal Security

\\ We have policies and procedures in-place to protect all sensitive information.
\\ Information access is restricted and authorized according to job functions.
\\ Our strict password policies include multi-factor authentication and lockout mechanisms.
\\ Security processes and policies are a vital part of mandatory onboarding and ongoing training for all employees.

Data Security

\\ Data is ingested via API and enforced by SSL or via authorized access to storage.
\\ Only authorized and authenticated access to customer data is permitted.
\\ Data isn’t transferred via email or hosted outside the DefinedCrowd domain.
\\ All customer data is processed internally.

Data Encryption

\\ Data is encrypted in transit – across both internal and external networks.
\\ Confidential data is encrypted in storage and backup systems.
\\ Data is encrypted in employee workstations and all other devices.

Security Compliance

GDPR GDPR Compliant
\\ Regular audits to ensure our compliance with GDPR regulations.
\\ Our official privacy policy is available upon request.
\\ We have an assigned Data Protection Officer who oversees all security procedures.
GDPR ISO 27001 Certified
\\ We meet all requirements for information security management systems.
\\ Our Data Protection Officer identifies, quantifies and prioritizes all information we handle and manages security risks accordingly.
\\ Risk Management programs are in-place and strictly enforced.