Fancy a dip in the ocean after a day in the office? As one of Europe’s few coastal capitals, Lisbon is an idyllic place to live and work. With a warm climate and sunny days all year round, there’s ample opportunity to be outdoors and explore Portugal’s natural beauty. Lisbon’s tech industry has gained international focus with a growing startup landscape complemented by a thriving expat community. A city that has opened its arms to tourism and people from all over the world, the warmth and generosity of locals is heartwarming. Here in Lisbon, we opened our first R&D center. 

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Porto is also blessed with beautiful beaches and balmy weather. From the picturesque banks of the Rio Douro to the renowned azulejo tiles that decorate street walls, the city glows with beauty. Celebrated for its combination of good food and wine, Porto is widely known for its Francesinhas an indulgent sandwich, not for the faint-hearted!), port and seafood. Home to an abundance of co-working spaces, universities and cafes, a flourishing startup ecosystem has developed and attracted a growing expat community. Porto is a magical city, also known for its artistic vibrancy and draws newcomers from all over the world. We opened the DefinedCrowd office here in 2017. 

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Home to Amazon and Microsoft, and booming with tech startups, Seattle is America’s fastest growing tech hub. Known not for only its ground-breaking technological developments, it’s also highly recognized for its for delicious food, impeccable coffee (also home to Starbucks) and beautiful natural surroundings. The northern hemisphere weather doesn’t stop the action outdoors, with activities for everyone in the beautiful terrain that surrounds the city. DefinedCrowd was founded in Seattle and is headquartered here today.  

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Tokyo has a captivating combination of traditional culture and cutting-edge innovation, forming a social melting pot that is truly unique. A center for international business, Tokyo holds the highest concentration of Fortune 500 company headquarters in the world and has a progressive tech scene. Boasting world-renowned neon streetscapes and blossoming cherry trees, there is breathtaking appeal around every corner. With a delicate cuisine that has been developed through centuries of tradition, delicious sushi and teppanyaki can be found throughout the city. Our Tokyo office opened in 2018. 

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