Flexible Work Schedule

We’re a performance-based company. Although we like bumping into each other at the office, we’re interested in productivity not physical presence. Manage your own schedule your way and feel free to work from home when that’s the best course of action.

Diverse & International Team

We believe that diversity, in all its forms, is what makes our team great. We want you to be yourself and celebrate the diversity of our global team, who are located in four locations around the world.

Continuous Learning Environment

We believe in ongoing learning and development. We celebrate success and empower one another’s growth day-in and day-out.

High-Growth Industry

Join us in a thriving industry with people who are passionate about developing AI that makes people’s lives easier.

Being part of DefinedCrowd is more than just a job, it’s about exploring boundaries, tackling challenges and shaping the future. You are valued for your contribution and evaluated on your merit. AI and big data is the new land of opportunity, and with DefinedCrowd, these opportunities are there for the taking.

Daan Baldewijns, Director of Customer Success

What makes DefinedCrowd stand out from other companies is that every employee has a stake in the company’s success. We’re very team-driven and collaborate towards our shared vision of a smarter AI. We love what we do, and this shows in the strong relationships we build with each other and our customers.

Julie Belião, Senior Technical Product Manager

Great team environment and inspiring leadership. DefinedCrowd gives me great career opportunities and is a place where I can grow, learn and improve my skills.

UI Designer, Glassdoor

As a company, we aim to shape the future and for me, DefinedCrowd has shaped mine. I feel like I’m growing together with the company as I face new challenges and conquer them on a daily basis. It’s great being part of this team! Plus you wouldn’t want to miss the Christmas dinners.

Teodora Spirovska, Crowd Growth Manager

I’ve been at DefinedCrowd for almost a year and so far it’s been the best work experience I’ve ever had. What really stands out is being surrounded by people interested and motivated to do their best.

Manuel Reis, Big Data Engineer

The greatest thing about DefinedCrowd is the people. I’m able to learn and evolve both as a researcher and an engineer, with the full support of my colleagues. The second best thing is, of course, the ping-pong table and the monthly board game sessions.

Rui Correia, Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Great company to work and be a part of. Teamwork, technical challenges, HR support, environment (table tennis, food, coffee) and growth opportunities.

Software Engineer, Glassdoor

DefinedCrowd has been a perfect fit for me. We have people from all over the world working and learning together. Knowing that we are working for the greater good also keeps us motivated to do better every day. It has been a humble experience and I look forward to our bright future here at DefinedCrowd.

Nuno Ramos, UX Designer

Start-up with all kinds of potential. Great work environment, great colleagues, lots of growth potential and an interesting area of business possibilities to learn.

Senior Lead Program Manager, Glassdoor

The best thing about working for DefinedCrowd is the culture and showing respect towards one another. We have a spacious office in Lisbon with lots of natural light, a clean and well-supplied kitchen, and lounge area that provides an environment to relax and recharge when needed. Everyone genuinely enjoys coming to work every day, and this is what I appreciate the most.

Xiaoting Wu, Software Engineer

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