DefinedCrowd Announces ISO 27001 Certification

To deliver on our promise of high-quality data, we’re pleased to announce we’re now ISO 27001 certified, another step forward in our commitment to protecting our client’s data. We went through the rigorous process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, one of the best-known standards in information security, to safeguard our business and our customers from cyber-attacks, loss or corruption of data, and the potential damages that could accompany these issues. We have also assigned a Data Security Officer who will be responsible for overseeing our compliance efforts as a top priority. 

“Data is the core of our business, so ensuring its safety is integral to our core values. Considering our clients are big corporations, we are not taking any chances when it comes to data security. Receiving the ISO 27001 certification is an important step, that proves our global commitment to the highest international standards,” states our Founder and CEO Daniela Braga.   

ISO 27001 is a consistent and centrally controlled management system standard for protecting information and reducing threats to all business processes through effective monitoring and control of IT security risks. Obtaining this certification involves the auditing and evaluation of a variety of internal processes, from information security guidelines, asset management, staff security and access control to systems maintenance, compliance, and cryptography. With this certification, DefinedCrowd ensures compliance with the international standards of the industry, assuring the best practices for information security controls are in place. Going forward, the certification undertakes annual audits and ongoing surveillance to ensure continued optimization of processes to safeguard data at every touchpoint. 

Being ISO 27001 certified, alongside our GDPR compliance efforts, reinforces our promise to deliver – and protect – high quality data for our clients.