What we do

We provide high quality AI training data to fuel your AI and machine learning initiatives.
Our fully customizable workflows in speech, NLP, and vision are designed to help you reach your business goals quickly, easily and with guaranteed results.

Speech Technologies

Enable models to understand speech with annotated recordings from any target speaker demographic.

Natural Language Processing

Train models to understand both content and context with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows.

Computer Vision

Teach models to recognize individuals, objects, and environments with image and video annotation.

Our data supports industry leaders around the globe


How it works


Select your data source

Whether you have data or not, create and configure an AI project with your data parameters and rules. We take it from there.


Track progress

Sit back, relax, and monitor progress while our platform combines human-in-the-loop annotation procedures and machine learning-powered quality assurance to deliver precision results.


Receive ready-to-use data

Fuel your models and reduce time-to-market with high-quality AI training data. From modeling and tuning and adding languages all the way to deployment, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Why us

Superior Quality

Eliminate unusable data and with guaranteed 95-98% data accuracy thanks to automated spam detection and expertly-designed human-in-the-loop processes.

Unmatched Speed

Get up and running with preset templates, or customize projects from the start. Either way, we’ll process your data 5-10x faster than the competition.

Global Scale

Make your AI a world citizen with over 210,000 crowd members spread across 195 countries and 50 different languages.

Success stories

With the rise of voice technology, this leading global provider of audio equipment wanted to develop an automatic speech recognition (ASR) model

When a global electronics maker came to DefinedCrowd with the goal of building more inclusive facial-recognition

For this project, Mastercard’s R&D Labs needed unique, multi-lingual text data that covered 20 designated payment

In the arms race for speech-enabled technologies, systems that can support the widest user base will win out

Visionary companies like Amazon are leveraging sentiment analysis models to dig beyond surface-level understandings

Keeping a nation’s lights on means constantly inspecting electricity poles for damage. Before EDP partnered with

Smart companies see the pile of unstructured text floating through the digital realm as a strategic goldmine

Global partners

We are a proud partner of Amazon Alexa, helping Alexa Skills’ customers obtain high-quality data from multilingual audiences.

Our partnership with IBM Watson Studio is an in-product integration, enabling Watson Studio customers to access high-quality training data directly from the platform.

We are a featured vendor in Microsoft’s co-sell program, helping Microsoft clients source, structure and enrich quality training data.